Welcome to the new look CRS Gazette! After a month of year-end craziness and then Easter, we’ve decided to combine our February and March highlights in this re-launch issue, a format designed to give you a more rounded view of the CRS focus areas each month. This runs alongside a company-wide rebranding exercise currently underway. In keeping with our vision to remain a progressive, forward-looking organisation, our marketing team is working with our branding consultancy on a fresh new image aligned with the overall Centric Group strategy. We’ll let you know as soon as this Business Botox, as I call it, is in place. I’d love to hear your feedback!

I am also pleased to announce the launch of the CRS Help Desk, for when you really need us but can’t get hold of your CRS consultant. The number to use is 0861 111 277.

Lastly, a big thanks to those who attended our recent seminars. We’re really upping our game with regards to legislative training this year and don’t forget that Nicolette and her team are able to tailor training modules to your specific needs.

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Tax and legislation

South Africa 

2013 Budget 

The Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced a conservative 2013 budget in February. For a summary of the Budget and what you need to bear in mind this year, please click here. 

Occupational Injuries and Diseases: maximum earning amount increase.  

Government Gazette notice 36273 of 20 March 2013 published an increase in the maximum amount of earnings on which the assessment of an employer shall be calculated.

The prescribed amount in terms of section 83(8) of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1983 has increased to R312,480 per annum with effect from 1 April 2013.



New tax tables are expected to be released in April 2013. Click here for more details.


The budget proposals were announced on 4February 2013 and no changes to the Employment Income Tax tables have been proposed and remains the same as 2012.

The Bank of Botswana rate was maintained at 9.5%.

The 25% rate will kick in at P144,000 for individual capital gains tax.


New tax rates were presented in the Namibian budget speech but these changes need to be gazetted before they can come into effect. You can request these tables from CRS which means you can apply them as soon as the changes are gazetted. For further details, click here.


The Senegalese National Assembly adopted a new Tax Code (CGI) with several innovations and will replace the current Tax Code which has been in force since 1992. For further details, click here.


Morocco’s 2013 finance bill provides for a temporary exceptional contribution (une contribution sociale de solidarité) to be imposed on top income earners and on companies realizing large profits, to benefit the poor. For further details, click here.


The 2013 tax rates remain unchanged.


Changes have been made effective 1 January 2013. For further details, click here.


Our development team will be working hard on the following software changes for 2013.

  • April: Schedule Manager (beta)
  • July: New templates for Career and Performance Manager (beta)
  • July : Rebrand and new look and feel for CRS DIY module
  • September: Budget module revamp
  • December: Training module revamp

Please remember that all future enhancements will only be available on the .NET platform


We continue to offer a selection of training on the CRS modules. Please click here for the dates and venues.

Don’t forget that we can also tailor legislative training to specific organisational needs. To find out more, chat to Nicolette in our Gauteng office or mail her on nicoletten@crs.co.za.

Staff and clients

We have pleasure in welcoming the following clients to the CRS family:

  • South African Rugby Union
  • Bidvest Prestige
  • Swaziland revenue Authority
  • Credit Guarantee
  • Triangle Sugar and Hippo Valley Estates in Zimbabwe

Gauteng: 011 259 4700   |   Western Cape: 021 528 5100  |   KZN: 031 313 3350   |   Eastern Cape: 041 581 1079

Can’t reach your CRS consultant? Call the CRS Help Desk: 0861 111 277