In light of the introduction of the first-of-its-kind formal HR standards in South Africa, devised by industry and the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), CRS Technologies, a leading local provider of HR & payroll services and solutions, has launched its iSight online employee engagement solution.

iSight was introduced at an industry awareness event, the National HR Standards Roll Out, held in August at Silverstar Casino in Gauteng and hosted by SABPP in conjunction with HR future magazine.

The event was touted as a ‘must-attend’ for anyone involved with HR (either directly or indirectly) and a unique opportunity to hear first-hand about the standards and the implications they will have on businesses and the industry at large.

Using this platform, CRS Technologies showcased its iSight solution and explained how it adds value by offering a range of tools designed to align employees to the strategies and functions of the business in order to acquire a higher level of collaboration.

As a result of this collaboration, users acquire a number of benefits such as being able to share the business’ gameplan or strategy across the board, align every employee’s role to goals, specify linked outcomes expected from each employee and provide performance feedback continuously.

“Through iSight businesses can link employees to workgroups, communicate with targeted groups of people easily and process employee’s ideas and suggestions. It is really all about working smarter and utilising technology to the utmost in terms of people management,” says with James McKerrell, CEO of CRS Technologies South Africa.

The emphasis of the solution and integration into a client’s infrastructure is on becoming a synchronised enterprise.

According to McKerrell the introduction of formal standards in HR is indicative of an industry that has matured and progressed in the broader marketplace.

“It is certainly a milestone in the development of HR and in the management of people in the workplace. We believe it also offers service providers an opportunity to assist and add more value through solutions that help facilitate collaboration,” McKerrell adds.

CRS Technologies anticipates a strong response from the market, particularly as HR professionals begin to review and inspect the standards more closely.