PUBLICATION: HR Highway, 17 March 2010

Dealing with detail in HR is what separates competitors within the modern business framework

CRS Technologies, a member of the Centric Holdings Group, an experienced facilitator of- and operator in payroll and human resources systems in Southern Africa, has developed a Human Resource tool called CRS Analytics to help users maintain control over HR growth and the strategic application of this resource within business.

In today’s marketplace differential success is measured by the pace and accuracy with which a competitor is able to make decisions, execute strategies and utilise resources. This is the viewpoint taken by executive management representing CRS Technologies and the rationale behind the launch of CRS Analytics.

The solution offers up an instant, up-to-date view of the business and profile of people. In depth data analysis covers all relevant details of employees – from date of appointment, annual leave and sick leave records right through to bonus structures and much more.

The benefits of the solution include the elimination of paper-based reports, being able to respond proactively to change with a strong ‘what if’ analysis component, as well as real-time data, access to historical information and uncomplicated user interfaces.

“It is no secret that human resource development and human capital management represents the next frontier of modern business administration and strategic management. As an established provider of technology services and support within this flourishing market, we have developed and introduced a solution that empowers users and helps them maintain a comprehensive picture of the organisation. It presents users with a level of reporting functionality that helps ensure management is always on top of developments and the impact these have on the business,” comments Dave Philp,Operations Director, CRS Technologies.
James McKerrell, Chief Executive, CRS Technologies, adds that the solution reflects the company’s market knowledge and expertise in human resource infrastructure and its ongoing application across numerous sectors and industries.

“Our solutions are flexible in that users can select which modules to integrate and they also have the peace of mind that the technology complies with the latest regulation and backed up by long term support services. This includes training, statutory maintenance and product enhancements,” says McKerrell. “We are proud to introduce this offering to the market and believe it will make a significant and lasting difference to our expanding client base.”