CRS Technologies South Africa, a member of the Centric Holdings Group and established facilitator of Human Resource and Payroll software in Southern Africa, has differentiated itself within a competitive marketplace with the launch of CRS inTouch, an eco-friendly high performance technology platform that elevates the role of employee self-service in business to new heights.

The offering from the HR and payroll software services specialist has its origin in CRS DIY, an employee and management self service tool that helps to complete the company’s extended range. This specific product was designed for users with limited literacy.

Following the success of this solution in the marketplace, decision makers at CRS quickly identified a growing need in the marketplace for technology that would also add value to those with entry level or basic PC literacy skills.

The values, features, principles and expertise represented by CRS DIY were used as benchmarks to develop CRS inTouch.

This solution is designed to empower a company with a reliable, high performance and solid solution that can be adapted across the board and allow employees to access and manage their personal and work-related information.

It provides all levels of staff with the relevant access to details pertaining to leave, including applications, to view and print current and past pay slips.

As part of its go-to-market strategy and overall marketing plan, CRS Technologies has highlighted a number of key advantages inherent within the solution.

Amongst these benefits is the easy-to-use, easily managed technology that promotes ease-of-use and greater access in the market. This quality is emphasised in the solution’s clear, straightforward touch-screen interface with large icons and easy to navigate look and feel.

In addition the company has allocated and implemented a range of what it calls ‘Kiosk options’, which provide the investor with multiple benefits targeted at specific areas of their business. This is adds to the flexibility of the technology and can address requirements in companies across a variety of industry, size and core focus.

“We designed the platform with the idea of promoting computer literacy and to enhance the concept of employee self service within industry. Employees log on with a proximity card (swipe), finger print or pin code. It is extremely simple to use – it was specifically developed to provide a self-service tool to employees with little or no computer literacy skills. The application is driven by touch screen technology and allows users to view leave balances and apply for leave, view biographical and personal details, and view pay slip history,” says Dave Philp, Operations Director, CRS Technologies.

Developers at the company are aware that amid a climate of global economic pressure, investors in technology continue to adopt a stringent, strict approach to cost implications and potential return.

To this end the company has ensured that its inTouch solution can be used as a base platform for other self-service applications, is geared towards promoting productivity, reducing carbon footprint and encouraging a paperless work environment.

In addition cost is calculated on a per-unit basis with licensing per employee and the solution requires an additional CRS product, CRS DIY, and a Web server running IIS for operation.

“We are very proud to have introduced this solution to the local market. It is powerful, cost effective and easily managed technology that we anticipate will make a meaningful difference to human resource management in general,” says Philp.

The solution is now available to the market via CRS Technologies.