If ever there was a time for specialist service provision within the human resource market, it is now. As businesses and companies grapple with the dynamics and pressure of worldwide economic recovery, decision makers within the domestic marketplace are poised to extract the maximum value of human resource and skills development combined with technology. Partnerships are being struck, credible service providers are being sought and new foundations being laid for a new era in human capital resource management, application and intellectual capacity.

CRS Technologies is a member of the Centric Holdings Group and an established facilitator of Human Resource and Payroll software in Southern Africa. The company has marked its 25th anniversary in the human resources and payroll by taking initiative, re-branding its image and creating a new look and feel, along with its competency.

By management’s own admission, the company has traditionally shied away from opportunities to engage the media and share in the details of its successes with the market. “Whilst we have been acknowledged by industry and partners for our impressive client base, the credibility and reliability of our service offering, we have also been criticized for not being visible enough in the market,” says Dave Philp, Operations Director at CRS Technologies.  “This was one of the main reasons behind our campaign to reintroduce a fresh look and positioning on our brand.”

The decision to make changes to key public relations and marketing areas of the business, including the website, logo, and invest in services to promote and make the company more visible, was initiated after consultation with our employees and clients, says Philp. “Essentially the market has changed, it has matured and developed. Global standards continue to add impetus to this transformation. As a leader in the field of consulting and integrated software solutions to an established blue chip clientele, our vision and mandate was to elevate the basic changes we made to the look and feel of the brand. We also wanted to reflect advances in the industry and our extensive service offerings and communicate this effectively to our market,” says Philp.

James McKerrell, Chief Executive at CRS Technologies SA, explained that the campaign is aggressive but strategic and is designed to successfully entrench the new-look brand into the marketplace and sustain levels of visibility.

“Aside from the presentation of a fresh brand, our objective with this campaign has been to successfully communicate what this change means to both the company and our ongoing services. We are focused on solutions rather than just product, we have a proud track record of proactive, results-orientated service to blue-chip clients – these are some of our core strengths. Furthermore we want to reaffirm our position as leaders in the market with the resources, skills and experience to carefully negotiated challenges on operations,” says McKerrell.

“Internally, we can mention the need for skills. From an external point of view, global enterprise resource planning solutions continue to be punted to multinationals based in South Africa and this process excludes local vendors. All these aspects of our influence and positioning in the market have to be relayed to the market and our brand represents our strength and capability within this changing environment,” he adds.

“CRS is a company about people. Our greatest challenge is to ensure that we retain our talent and keep our staff motivated. Twenty five years ago no one would have dreamt that there would be a computer on every desktop and people would have instantaneous, automatic access to information via the Internet. Our market has progressed and our position as entrusted service providers is to oversee these changes, position ourselves accordingly and add value to our clients,” adds Philp.

In addition, Philp points to the fact that the company was founded upon people and the influence of this resource on key areas of commercial growth. Today, amid a climate of economic pressure and impact on operations to succeed, the role of our people in ensuring value added services to our clients is of the utmost importance.

A constant and consistent evaluation of structures and strategies is required in order to refine business models and ensure that a robust approach is sustained.

Given the level of general market competition and the status of technical and HR skills as a sought-after commodity, it is not surprising that human resource development and technology solution development and implementation has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors today. CRS identified this trend some time ago and has kept abreast of technology whilst also effectively managing its growth and relevance in the marketplace with the introduction of a number of innovative, value added products,” Philp continues.

Management at CRS Technologies looks forward to the rollout of this campaign as corporate South Africa positions itself to leverage off a new dawn in human resource development, strategy and technology evolution.