Need to train your staff? Leading Human Resources training courses cover it all

Human Resources Systems and Legislation training courses are essential if your business is looking to realise the potential of your investment in new HR technology and an up-to-date HR department. Many businesses don’t realise that these courses cover a wide range of business functions and processes, directly and indirectly connected to human resources – and that comprehensive training courses will give your employees the knowledge they need to use the system effectively once implemented.

Here are some of the fields that Human Resources training courses cover:

  • Legislation training. In order to reduce your non-compliance and risk  as an organisation, it’s vital that your company stays up-to-date with all the latest HR legislation. This way, your company can rest assured that it is following HR best practises and is legally compliant in all of its HR functions and policies. Legislation training is available for clients doing business in South Africa and the rest of Africa as well as clients looking to expand into other African countries.
  • Software training. All of the HR solutions that involve new software tools have an additional training component. Participating in these courses will empower users to make use of the software to create streamlined HR functions and to realisethe potential of your investment in full. At the same time employees will be able to administer their own personalinformation by applying for leave to measuring their own performance. This will relieve the pressure on your HR department and spreade the burden of these processes. This training will also improve company and employee communication.
  • Payroll training. Comprehensive payroll training will allow your staff members to increase the efficiency within the HR department and optimise their performance in all payroll processes.

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