Outsource vs insource – the practicalities

The debate over whether or not to outsource the HR and payroll function or rather rely on internal capabilities continues.

Opinions differ and there is a huge volume of information available, which means that decision-makers are not entirely sure which route to take.

In cases like these, cold, hard facts are invaluable. The reality of the situation is that HR and payroll administration are information- and policy driven management functions that are entirely dependent on the right skills to ensure the successful administration thereof.

It is ultimately more economical and better to outsource HR and payroll to experts.

For many operators, the alternative means having to recruit staff at high rates and then train these people to ensure compliance with regulation and legislation.

This puts substantial pressure on the business, both in terms of time and capital outlay.

In the market today the ability to streamline processes and procedures through the application of collaborative systems that are designed to automate is what separates the high-flyers from the bottom feeders.

Truth be told, to compete effectively and sustain growth today requires partnerships with the right people.

This is where CRS Technologies has made a name for itself, through its National Outsourcing Service Centre. This resource continues to redefine HR management and solution applications – particularly in terms of outsourcing.

In short, when trying to reach the best possible decision when it comes to outsourcing or not, it has definite advantages and it makes sense – it all depends on who you partner with.