Small and large businesses benefit from payroll administration services in South Africa due to the resource saving characteristics of these services. Payroll administration allows for huge cost savings by enabling a company to outsource their non-core responsibilities to payroll management companies. This allows the business to concentrate on their core business and direct their focus on making money, while knowing their HR issues are being taken care of by capable professionals.

Role of payroll administration services in small and large businesses

Payroll administration services comprise of a range of such as the following:

  • Customisable reports on aspects such as cost allocation reports and job cost accounting;
  • Delivery of all pay cheques and stubs;
  • Payroll garnishments, deductions and levies;
  • New hire reporting;
  • Paid leave summary and management;
  • Vacation time and sick day accruals;
  • Wage / hour law compliance.

CRS has years of experience offering payroll outsourcing services. They take care of their clients’ payrolls, which allow their clients to take care of their businesses. The outsourcing of all non-core aspects of the business like payroll administration is something that many businesses are turning to. This is evident because of the improved efficiency and reduced operating expenses.

CRS’s outsource payroll solution allows you to manage and plan your payroll costs, provide employee benefits while not having to spend more money on new payroll technology. Some of the services offered include:

  • Electronic payment of statutory payments such as UIF and PAYE
  • Processing, reconciliation and the submitting of SARS Year End and EMP 501
  • IRP5 and IT3A documents
  • Submission of UIF reports
  • Management and standard payroll reports

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