Payroll and HR solutions for the mining industry

Mining companies have unique payroll and HR needs. In the mining industry you not only have to adhere to strict labour legislation, employment equity legislation and safety regulations, but you also need to make sure you have the communication tools that speak to all levels of your employees.

CRS’ payroll and HR solution can help you reduce payroll fraud as well as provide you with the HR management, training and communication tools you need to effectively manage your payroll and staff.

We make legislation compliance easy

In the mining industry, one needs to ensure that your employment equity policies are implemented as planned. CRS’ technologically-advanced HR solution can make sure there is equality across various groups and levels of employees.

Our solution simplifies salary structures and packages so that you have the tools you need to deal with labour unions. When negotiating with unions, changes in salaries and wages can take months to be enforced. We cater for “what if scenarios” so that you can have a single view of what a 10% increase, for example, would be on your bottom line. Employees in the mining industry often belong to different groups and unions, which is why our solution can also cater for multiple unions and bargaining councils.

Simplifying and streamlining safety and wellness 

CRS’ provides technology that will simplify and streamline all of your safety and wellness policies, procedures and initiatives. We can help set up communication kiosks (which is ideal for employees who aren’t at a desk with internet connection all day) where your workers can receive all the information they need regarding safety, wellness programs, pay slips – or literally any other type of information that needs to reach every person in your work force. If your business has complex shift structures and needs to find a way to make sure each employee is empowered through receiving the right information, our HR solution is ideal for you.

Our HR and payroll solutions also assist with record keeping and monitoring of any grievances. We also monitor the health and safety legislation that each employee may need (such as medical evaluations and licenses to operate equipment, vehicles or machinery) which will automatically notify employees when they need to get a check-up or new certification.

Our HR and payroll solutions are transparent, reliable, accurate and most importantly personal. Retain the skills you need, develop your people and give them the HR and communication tools they need to excel within your company. Contact us to find out more about our payroll and HR solutions.