Payroll frustrations can cripple your company – find the right HR software solution in South Africa

Is your company in South Africa experiencing payroll issues? CRS has the HR & Payroll software solution you’re looking for!

Payroll is one of your company’s largest expenses and errors in carrying out this task on time, every time can cost your company its reputation and staff while incurring significant costs and administrative nightmares.

Here’s how our HR & Payroll software solution can assist you with payroll: 

  • Save time: Payroll tasks are very time consuming as well as never-ending, so we’ve designed a software solution that minimises the time your staff need to be involved in these functions by implementing reliable, intuitive procedures and automated technology.
  • Manage your year-end reporting efficiently: This software is also able to manage your company’s reporting as year-end rolls around, as both payslips and annual reports are archived for future use.
  • Security: Payroll information is sensitive and needs to be kept secure at all times. Our software solution has top security features for peace of mind.
  • Integration: Another big time-saver is the integration of this software with other HR functions. We offer a complete HR software solution of which payroll is one module, allowing clients to implement software modules to meet their specific needs or to implement the entire solution for optimal results. This also allows all employee data to be linked into one, cohesive system for easy access, management and tracking for HR tasks.

In addition to supplying leading HR & Payroll, CRS also offers complete payroll outsourcing to clients. Utilising our own software solution, we successfully handle over 4,500 payslips a month, completely relieving our clients and their HR departments from the burden of this administrative task.

Contact us today and find out more about how our HR & Payroll software solution can relieve your company in South Africa’s payroll burden.