Payroll outsourcing is a smart choice when you have access to the right HR software programme

Payroll outsourcing offers a top quality solution to one of the most frustrating, vital day-to-day tasks in modern business. Equipped with leading HR software programme expertise, CRS outsourced payroll services can take care of every aspect of this task reliably, on time and with the highest level of accuracy, freeing up your staff to focus on core business goals.

This option is well suited to any company looking to free up resources, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency without sacrificing quality. By leveraging the software and expertise of CRS, companies will have access to industry-leading payroll software without having to increase their expenses by purchasing it themselves.

Our diverse payroll outsourcing offering covers the following tasks:

  • Processing of payslips at pre-arranged intervals
  • Processing of PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Processing and reconciliation of SARS year-end and EMP 501
  • Management of payroll reports
  • General ledger interface
  • 3rd party payments
  • Loan management
  • IRP5 and IT3A documents
  • And much more.

These services are aimed at providing clients with the full package of stress-free services. By having the professionals take on your payroll tasks, you’re taking a massive responsibility and burden of your company and your staff. You can rest assured that we will take care of every aspect of these tasks in an efficient, professional manner – removing the risk of tax defaults, human error and the general headaches of manual payroll and dealing with the associated organisations and technology.

For peace of mind CRS Payroll outsourcing, utilising the latest HR software programme, allows your company can get back to business! Contact us today for more information.