When you implement a payroll software solution, you are essentially changing the way your business has worked for years. Imagine it like a change in your diet. While you make the change, your body simply isn’t used to the new foods you’re eating, and often forces itself to go back to its old ways. When you invest in payroll software, you’re essentially changing the way things are done that your employees and customer service representatives are used to. To help adjust to the move to payroll software, you’re

going to need payroll training, and here’s why:

Clock In/Clock Out

With every change in payroll tracking, employees will have a new method of managing their time logs. This change is often something that’s tough to get used to since it becomes the most routine part of your day. Payroll training helps your staff get into a new swing of things that prevents them from going back to their old ways, which can often protect you from mistakes that most companies see when trying to make a smooth transition to payroll software.

Viewing Pay slips

Every software platform is different, while you may have had an internal interface for viewing pay slips, learning a new platform can be a daunting task for employees. Payroll training on new software will be crucial to making your employees as comfortable as possible with the new system. While you know that the new system is beneficial to your company, employees won’t understand that, and can often see the change as a threat to their comfort zone.

Time Off Management

One of the biggest changes that employees face with new payroll software is that the method of requesting time off changes completely. How you handle time off requests in regards to whether or not you approve them won’t essentially change, but if your employees are uncomfortable with new software, you may find they won’t be submitting their time off as frequently, which usually results in built of vacation days towards the end of your fiscal year. It’s vital to the functionality of your business that employees understand the software and how to utilize it to make these types of requests comfortably. If you are considering payroll software, you need to partner with a company that offers the right training so that your staff knows how to use it. Contact CRS to find out more about payroll software and training in South Africa!