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August – CRS Technologies strengthens credibility with SABPP membership

July – Be prepared when it comes to retirement tax

July – Be cautious, meticulous before entering the contracting game

June – Be prepared when it comes to retirement tax

May – Treat employee incapacity with caution

April – Deadline for South African employers to submit their WSP and ATRs

March – CRS Technologies sheds light on South Africa’s Labour Laws Amendment Bill

February – The role of the CCMA in helping to settle labour disputes

January – The impact of integrating HR, payroll into one database

January – Advantage to outsourcing executive payrolls


December – Automatic, unfair dismissal has major impact on South Africa’s labour force

November – Employers shooting themselves in the foot over gender gap

November – Embracing integrated HR systems

October – Swaziland looks to SOR approach for enhanced HCM

October – Substantively fair discipline?

September – Mental health gaining recognition in SA’s workplace

September – Progressive employment equity – the ins and outs of reality for business

August – Employers not following LRA in managing discipline

August – Why Customer Experience Management will make its mark on SA business

July – Sick leave abuse rendering SA businesses unwell

June – CRS Technologies offers something in HR others cannot

May – Why South African employers must heed advances in workplace compensation regulation

April – Job market more aligned to needs of the disabled

March – Make skills investment legislation work for you

February – CRS Technologies offers the A-Z of HR service

January – Put payroll first at tax year-end

January – How to negotiate the minefield that is compliance in payroll


December – Year-end payroll requires meticulous timing

December – Growing opportunity for SMEs to bolster payroll compliance

November – Poor Sick Leave Management Is Affecting The Health Of Businesses

October – Family responsibility leave – Know the law

September – Follow Simone’s animated work journey

September – Generous leave benefits make employees think twice before quiting

August – Leave In Business: Critical To Understand Flexibility

August – Time Is Money – And The Labour Law Is Clear On That

August – The law is clear on holiday work and overtime

July – Compliance is key

July – CRS technology to help resolve workplace conflict

June – Why payroll is the bane of small business

May – Getting workers onboard the right way

April – Capitalising on paperless, digital-driven enterprise content management