In today’s volatile economy, more and more businesses are turning to recruitment agencies in South Africa to source and find the best professional talent in the industry. They are able to grow their companies by having access to the best talent available while not being bogged down with the administrative challenges faced by many companies performing in-house recruitment solutions.

By using a recruitment agency you will only pay fees for services once you accept an appointment from any candidate referred to by the recruitment agency. This means that you are not putting undue pressure on your company’s resources in hiring a recruitment agency – and your risk is minimised in this regard.

Here are some of the ways hiring a recruitment agency will help you grow your business:

  • Resource efficiency: The human resource department will not need to spend hours of productive time sifting through unqualified applicants to find prospective candidates for the position.
  • Business as usual: Managers will not fall behind on their important matters and responsibilities while being swamped with an influx of incoming CVs.
  • Immediate results: By using a recruitment agency you will have access to immediate results as many professional recruitment agencies have an extended professional database from which to draw qualified candidates for your consideration.
  • Save time: All prospective candidates for a position will be thoroughly reference checked in order to validate any hiring decisions on your part. This means that you are not tasked with performing background and employment checks on any prospective candidate.
  • Carry on: By using a recruitment agency your business won’t suffer from tied up phone lines, preoccupied employees, hours spent replying to or reading emailed CVs.

How CRS can help you in Recruitment Solutions

CRS offers specialised recruitment in the sales and marketing, finance and accounts, payroll, office support and administration and human resource industries. Through their commitment to quality recruitment services, CRS has quickly become a premier recruitment agency in South Africa entrusted by many companies with their recruitment requirements.

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