Recruitment specialists help HR departments achieve BEE compliance

Many local companies rely on recruitment specialists to help them achieve Black Economic Empowerment (BBE) compliance.

BEE aims to increase equity and empower black business owners, stakeholders and employees in South Africa. BEE compliance is regulated by BEE codes under the Department of Trade and Industry.

Under BEE legislation, organs of state, public entities and all private enterprises that partner with a public entity are expected to comply with BEE codes. Businesses that wish to provide goods or services to BEE compliant companies also need to comply with BEE codes.

There are a number of business advantages that come with being BEE compliant. These include tax incentives and financial grants awarded to BEE compliant companies as well being able to partner with public entities, through the provision of goods and services. Companies that are BEE compliant are also able to bid for government tenders and secure large contracts.

How recruitment specialists can help you achieve BEE compliance 

The current skills shortage in South Africa makes it difficult for companies to hire skilled professionals. However, recruitment companies are experienced at making placements across the board and at all skill levels.

Recruitment companies focus on finding highly qualified professionals as one of their core functions and are therefore better able to find professionals for specialised placements. By hiring a recruitment company to find your skilled staff, you are able to cut recruitment costs and also save time.

CRS Recruitment is a recruitment company with more than 30 years experience in the industry. When we recruit professionals, we screen and interview candidates and also perform credit and qualification verification checks. This saves our clients time and money when looking for skilled professionals. Our HR consultants can also help your company compile employee equity reports.

To find out more about how our team of highly experienced recruitment specialists can help you achieve BEE compliance, contact us today.