Reduce data errors and payment fraud with retail focused payroll software

Numerous companies have been faced with data errors and payment fraud when using an unsecured system or simply the wrong payroll software and remuneration system. Such errors and fraud can cause a company to experience long term crippling financial losses. Safeguarding your business against such a risk is absolutely essential.

What is the solution? How can you protect your business from these potential risks and losses? By investing in retail focused payroll software, you can eliminate the potential for data errors and avoid payment fraud. Retail companies are faced with skills shortages, e-commerce migration, seasonal labour requirements, training needs and management of equity planning. HR payroll software packages can assist with catering for these specific challenges accurately.

When selecting a retail focused payroll software solution, choose one which offers security in the form of parameters. This means the software can be set to allow authorised access to only certain individuals and limitations can be set on this access. Limitations can be set according to employees, employee locations, employee roles and various menu options. Also make sure the system you choose is able to comply with all legislative requirements and statutory updates and changes.

 Choose a retail focused payroll software package from CRS

At CRS we offer payroll and remuneration software which can cater for the needs of any type and size of retail concern. The modules within our remuneration software package include payroll functions, leave calculations and pay, staff loans, creditors, budgeting, general ledger interface, compensation management and salary reviews.

Our software is designed to cater specifically to the retail sector and by chatting to our consultants, we can advise on just the right software solution for you. To learn more about our payroll software solutions for the retail market, contact us at CRS today.