Payroll and HR solutions for the retail industry

Our one-stop payroll and HR solution for companies in the retail sector allows you to reduce data errors and payroll fraud, while simultaneously giving you the talent management, training and communication tools you need to take your company to the next level.

As an organisation in the retail sector, you are undoubtedly faced with a unique set of challenges, including:

  • Skills shortages;
  • Seasonal labour requirements
  • E-commerce migration
  • The need for training and development of your staff;
  • The need to cross-skill your existing staff members;
  • Managing your equity planning.

There are many ways in which our HR and payroll solution has been tailored to meet your needs.

Talent Management and Organisational Planning

Our solution enables you to easily identify key employees and track their performance within your company. Our  solution can be configured to aply amongst other a  balanced scorecard,  360 degree assesments and nine box grid methodologies , which  enables assessors to determine an employee’s participation and performance in order to help you plan for career growth and training within your company.

It’s common for companies in the retail sector to have a high turnover of casual staff. Our group-wide payroll and HR  solution can track the movement of casual staff so that you will know if any of your past employees are applying for work at any of your company’s branches.

Expanding your company? We can help you grow

Many South African retail companies are also expanding into Africa, which can lead to a number of payroll and HR challenges. As the leading  payroll and HR solutions provider for many local retail companies, including Clicks, Foschini and PEP, Truworths we have the technological solutions to make sure your payroll and HR solutions adapt to your changing needs.

Our solution is designed to cater for regional salary differences, varying employment contracts (such as seasonal workers, shift workers, permanent staff and casual staff) and different currencies. Our multi-currency payroll solution can ensure clear, transparent payroll processing that can also be re-factored into the currency that your head office uses for reporting purposes.

If you want an accurate solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your company, partner with CRS. Contact us to find out more about our payroll and HR solutions.