On Tuesday 28 November this year, another milestone was reached within the context of South Africa’s ever-evolving labour law.

It was on this day that the Labour Laws Amendment Bill, introduced as a private member’s Bill by the African Christian Democratic Party in November 2015, was passed in the National Assembly.

Why a milestone I hear you ask? Well, the most significant aspect of the Bill is that it allows for all parents (including fathers, same-sex couples, adoptive and surrogate parents) to access leave.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) currently provides that an employee who is the father of the child may take three days family responsibility leave when that employee’s child is born.

The family responsibility leave is paid for by the employer.

Under the new amendments, it is proposed that fathers would get 10 days leave and adopting parents would be eligible for 10 weeks leave.

It is important to try to understand this from both an employer and employee’s perspective. The reality of life today is that households are dependent on more than just one salary and both parents share an equal responsibility.
The working world is moving closer towards legislation that seeks to support, if not instil work/life balance and this is a positive development.

As always, CRS is here to help and has the resource and knowledge of this environment to help businesses and individuals navigate successfully through the labour law and its immediate implications.

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