SARS eDNA identity Security, introducing a new level of tax security

We all know that cybercrime is real and over the past few years there have been numerous incidents of international proportion involving data breaches, identity theft and fraud.

Data is the new currency and institutions like SARS are not taking any chances, covering every possible loophole, every feasible weakness in information systems.

To better protect the taxpayer, SARS has taken the extraordinary step of rolling out a biometric-based realtime personal identity verification system, eDNA identity Security.

eDNA is a biometric-based system where your fingerprint and/ or national identification will be validated against the Department of Home Affairs’ database information.

Going forward you and I, Mr & Mrs taxpayer must make sure that our fingerprints are captured and authenticated when we visit a SARS branch.

Any tax administrative process, from registration to suspension of debt cases or VAT refund reviews, will now be conducted using fingerprint verification.

Although the system will only be implemented in the SARS Pretoria North branch, the reality of this high tech security tech initiative is that you and I are assured of effective, realtime security and the element of risk has been significantly reduced.

And, like SARS, we are proactive in helping and guiding our clients to better understand advances such as these, how they will influence and impact our lives.

Welcome to a new way of tax identity security and management!