Large and small businesses can benefit from payroll software in South Africa. This software removes all the tedious hard work associated with payrolls and can even benefit the company in a variety of ways. These include time-recording which can be linked to timesheet systems that will record employee attendance and the time worked. This already makes working out salary and wages a breeze.

Other benefits of payroll software include planning and forecasting. Payroll data combined with the hours worked and employee attendance can provide management with a wealth of data and in-depth analysis of different departments.

Tips to choose the right payroll software for your company

When choosing payroll software for your company, there are certain aspects to keep in mind:

  • Compliance: Payroll administration requires compliance with various laws and regulations. The payroll software that you choose has to comply with all these regulations and seemingly integrate these requirements with its service offering.
  • Continued support: No matter how user friendly certain payroll software suites are, chances are your employees will require at least some training in the effective operation of the software. What is more, you need to be confident that you will be able to speak to a knowledgeable person if and when you require support with the payroll software.
  • Price: While any decent software suite will require an investment on your part, the important thing to remember here is that the most expensive software is not necessarily the most effective or efficient. Research each prospective payroll software suite to compare pricing and features so that you can confidently purchase the one that offers best value for money.

CRS offers state of the art payroll software in South Africa. Their software solution delivers and end-to-en human resource management and remuneration solution which encompasses all aspects of the human resource function.

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