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People are the real strategic weapons of the future.

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Today, it’s easy quick and easy for competitors to copy your products. But it’s substantially harder to imitate the human DNA of your enterprise. Which is why savvy leaders are now focusing less on what they do and more on how they do it to distinguish the customers experience of their brands from rivals. Suddenly, the battle for competitive advantage has shifted from the outside to inside the organisations walls. Now the alignment and engagement of the hearts and minds of a firm’s people play the quintessential role in getting and keeping a long-range edge, deep into the future. And HR professionals sit center stage. Poor current engagement levels: An opportunity or a threat. The same Gallup study also shows that over 70% of an average organisations people are not connected or aligned to their enterprise objectives, nor motivated to achieve it. The study also shows that 18% of an average workforce are actively disengaged – meaning that a little under a quarter of an ordinary team deliberately work against the aims of their employer. The 2013 information pinpoints either a significant opportunity or threat for firms: An opportunity if you lift your engagement levels before, and more effectively than, your competition. A threat if your rivals beat you to the punch.

The business case for employee engagement. People engagement is not a soft issue. Here are the hard facts that compel leaders and HR professionals to interrogate the concept thoroughly. According to the Gallup Groups 2013 worldwide workplace survey, organisations that collaborate with staff to achieve goals and distinguish an experience of their firm get 147% better total returns for shareholders than rivals, achieve 37% less absenteeism, and get up to 60% less staff turnover. These organisations are also typically 27% more productive and 22% more profitable than their competition. Which is why the McKinseys review of CEO’s priorities around the globe found that employee engagement ranks as the headline concern for most.

For best-practice employee engagement –

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iSight is a smart employee engagement engine and best-practice framework for any enterprise – big or small. The system, hosted and supported over the internet on an inexpensive per user basis, makes it simple to connect every employee to your enterprise community and purpose. The system gives every employee a dashboard that links each employee’s role and outcomes to specific enterprise goals – and gives every employee the tools to track contributions and performance monthly. iSight gives every employee the tools to share in enterprise performance information and communications – and the functions to collaborate and interact. The system also makes it simple for enterprise community members to identify any contributions to the enterprise success – and appreciate them meaningfully. iSight operates on a Microsoft platform and database and integrates easily with enterprise systems. Core iSight functions

  • Share your game-plan clearly with all staff.
  • Align every employee’s role to your goals.
  • Specify linked outcomes expected from each employee.
  • Track employee’s outcomes delivery monthly.
  • Provide performance feedback continuously.
  • Identify success and failure areas immediately
  • Link employees to workgroups.
  • Give employees the tools to collaborate and interact.
  • Provide employees with enterprise feedback continuously.
  • Communicate with targeted groups of people easily.
  • Process employee’s ideas and suggestions.
  • Recognise, appreciate and reward the contributions of employees.
  • Get reports that deliver performance intelligence in real-time.

Blue-chip clients and a successful track record. The iSight framework and functionality is founded on highly credible and comprehensive employee motivation and engagement research – addressing each factor required to get and keep high employee engagement levels effectively. Deloitte used iSight for 5 years to engage over 4000 employees across Southern Africa and credit the programme for the 80% employee engagement levels and the superior business results that the Deloitte Way achieved and maintained for the firm over this period. Databuild’s 50 employees achieved record results within months of implementing iSight and Glass SA’s 300 staff returned substantial improvements in profits in an equally short period of time. Results achieved for Deloitte, the PG Group and others earned iSight a Technology Top 100 ranking and an Innovator of the Year Finalist award. How can we help you get the paybacks we deliver?