Constantly raising standards

Our quest for offering superior solutions to meet all our current and potential clients’ needs has driven the establishment of the CRS National Outsource Centre, where all your Payroll Outsourcing requirements can be catered for. We further compliment this offering by our Human Resource Consulting Service, where assistance is offered with Statutory Reporting, planning and development of policies.

CRS‘ consulting division in partnership with expert HR professionals are offering the following services on a semi-permanent (fixed no of hours per month) or on an ad hoc basis.

Our services include:

  • Assist and produce annual Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports
  • Assist with producing of Employment Equity Reports
  • Job description writing and Job description training
  • Job evaluation
  • Develop and implement HR and Remuneration strategies
  • Salary and Pay structures
  • Job Profiling
  • Human Resources – Policies, procedures, workflow processes and audits
  • Benchmarking HR policies to the current changes in the market
  • Human Resource Information System – design new workflow processes. Review current systems approach
  • Train Staff on HR reporting
  • Advice on automating HR processes
  • Training for Human Resource System practitioners