HR & Payroll Legislation Services

CRS Legislation will assist you to address the key challenges within your HR & Payroll department and will ensure that your company complies with tax-related legislation and regulations.

Our Services include the following:

  • Advice on Employer/Employee legislation in terms of tax and Human resource matters across Africa.
  • Identifying gaps and or inconsistencies between current payroll specifications and legislation.
  • Providing a statutory Gap Analysis on the Employment and Remuneration elements of the payroll and related HR policies.
  • Document Payroll Remuneration policies relating to legislative payroll elements.
  • Payroll rules will also be documented and tested against policies and any conflicts and or deviations will be highlighted. Where applicable, non-compliance to Legislation will be advised.
  • Legislation training.

Guideline of the items included in the Gap Analysis

  • Registered Company Information
  • Statutory Dates
  • Specific Remuneration Definitions
  • WCA Compliance (Non SA)
  • Social Security Compliance (Non SA)
  • National Provident/Pension Fund Remuneration
  • Leave Remuneration Compliance
  • Medical Aid Rules Compliance
  • Statutory Payslip Compliance
  • Tax Legislation Compliance
  • Statutory Report Compliance
  • Earnings Rule Compliance
  • Deductions Rule Compliance
  • Contract compliance if specific in appropriate legislation
  • Any other statutory rules not specified

The expected outcomes will focus on the value add to the business and to minimize your risk. The main focus is to establish best practice in employment compliance. Contact us for more information: