There is urgency for employers to be proactive and immediately start preparing for the changes as prescribed in the Employment Equity Amendment Act.  Some of the changes pose high risk and could result in damage to your business if not managed timeously and correctly!

A difference in the terms and conditions of employment between employees of the same employer performing the same or substantially the same work ( or work of equal value) is a form of unfair discrimination and is prohibited on any one or more grounds of unfair discrimination.

The purpose of the new section 6(4) is to deal explicitly with unfair discrimination by an employer in respect of the terms and conditions of the Act.

In order to mitigate your risk it is suggested that you profile all your jobs in your company. Let CRS assist you with profiling your jobs.

Job profiling is used to develop a working definition of each job in a company and determine the appropriate pay for each position. Additionally, job profiling can help you recruit the right people to perform the duties you need to reach your company goals. Job profiling also allows you to create a potential career path for your employees as well as conduct analyses of the various job performance requirements.