With frequent changes in labour legislation, as an entrepreneur you have to ensure that you are compliant or face significant financial penalties that could threaten the future of your company.

Research shows that small entrepreneurs are the most at risk when it comes to labour legislation as they often lack the specialist knowledge required to be compliant. The management and administration of salaries and labour requirements have become extremely specialised.

As an employer in South Africa you need to comply with the following labour laws:

  1. BCEA (Basic Conditions Employment Act)
    • Bargaining Councils or Sectoral Determinations for Specific Sectors
  2. Income Tax Act
    • 4th Schedule
    • 7th Schedule
  3. Tax Administration Act
  4. Labour Act
  5. Employment Equity Act
  6. UIF contributions Act
  7. Skills Development Levy Act
  8. Pensions Act
  9. Medical Schemes Act
  10. Bank Act & Debt collectors Act
  11. Consumer Protection Act
  12. Employment Services Act

Fortunately, it is not as difficult it sounds to be compliant. With the necessary knowledge and by working with the right partners, entrepreneurs can build everything themselves correctly and accurately without having to spend a fortune in the long-term. CRS Technologies provides specialised services, solutions and systems to entrepreneurs to ensure that their focus remains on the core of the business. CRS has a dedicated Legislation department and our systems and services are compliant with all the latest regulations and tax regimes.

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