Take the pain out of finding staff with recruitment HR solutions

Outsourced recruitment services have become an increasingly popular part of modern HR solutions over the past few years. Whether you have internal HR professionals or you handle recruitment yourself – it’s time to start considering outsourcing your recruiting needs. Here are a few of the benefits:

Narrow down your options quickly

If you’re advertising on the popular local sites like Bizcommunity and Careerjet, you will undoubtedly get hundreds (if not thousands) of applicants. Out of these thousands of applicants, there will probably be less than 10 people who have the right experience and qualifications for the position. Doing a further reference check may leave only a handful of candidates that should be invited for an interview. This entire process can take days of e-mails, reference checking and phone calls in order to schedule meetings that fit everyone’s diary. When you outsource recruitment, you can avoid all this unnecessary administration.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions

If you’ve got a relatively important role that needs to be filled, it can be distracting as well as time consuming – not only for you, but for your HR team. Instead of answering calls from applicants, discussing irrelevant curriculum vitae’s that have been forwarded to you and fielding application forms to the right people, you can avoid all unnecessary distractions through outsourcing, so that you and your team can focus on your core business.

Save money

Many people who have been handling recruitment themselves find it hard to believe that outsourcing recruitment can actually save them money. Not only do you save a lot of productive hours by outsourcing the job, but you also save on subscriptions to relevant recruiting sites if the HR consultancy firm you are using already has access to these databases.

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