Think beyond convention to recruit top talent

It is no secret that skills are in short supply, particularly technical skills, and the need is such that companies are looking for innovative ways to recruit top talent. Technology is at the centre of this recruitment drive and more companies are exploring the virtual route to secure the services of the very best the market has to offer. Online portals are more prevalent and now form part of the mainstream HR recruitment and placement services. We all know that social networks are undeniably influences within the recruitment process. But, in addition to social media, websites are being used to attract the right calibre people. One of the reasons behind the drive to apply technology to manage the recruitment process is because of the dire need for skills. The ‘brain drain’, while purported to be on the reverse, continues to impact most industries and sectors. Technical skills are sought-after, they represent the foundation of any enterprise that aims to be agile and this capability is in demand. We have to bear in mind that quick turnaround time in IT has become the norm, this is what differentiates business today – so skills are a prerequisite. The demand for highly developed social skills as well as technical capability are prevalent – in order to achieve quick results IT personnel are required to understand business needs more so today than before … so a good all round skill is required. And when we discuss the most sought after skills, we are referring to programming language, the ability to adapt, to interact with colleagues, customs and suppliers. Recruitment is an ongoing process and requires consistent review to ensure compliance, that all necessary steps are taken and that businesses are able to get the best possible results. Our advice to the market? Use technology to enable the process, be clear on the requirements, be transparent on outcomes and engage candidates so they understand the business.