This year, our HR solutions company is keeping you updated on all the latest statutory information in South Africa

Statuary compliance is a vital part of all HR solutions in South Africa. Failing to meet these governmental requirements can have serious legal ramifications for any company and can even result in a business being forced to close down.

However, navigating the sometimes-murky waters of the latest statutory changes can be tricky. Many companies, especially SMMEs who don’t always have access to expensive advisors, sometimes fail to comply and pay the price. And, even if a legal battle or fine is avoided, it will severely affect productivity and thus every element of your business will suffer.

That is why CRS HR & Payroll Solutions is committed to providing affordable Human Resources and Payroll Solutions that include the latest statutory information. We believe that a growing company should not be penalised for not meeting the legal requirements simply because it did not know. We are also committed to contributing to our clients’ long-term success by keeping them abreast of new developments and what effects they will have on their respective industries.

Furthermore, our dedicated CRS Legislation team specialises in assisting companies that are looking to expand their footprint in Africa. They will provide you with pertinent up-to-date information and expertly guide you through all the legal, practical and other considerations that are part of the successful expansion of any company. By fully understanding the complexities and challenges of HR statutory requirements, the CRS Legislation team will also ensure that you avoid all the potential risks that could jeopardise the successful expansion of your growing enterprise.

Amongst the Legislation Services we offer are:

  • Assistance in complying with tax-related legislation and regulations
  • Legislation compliance audits
  • Payroll compliance audits
  • HR Policy audits
  • Document Payroll rules
  • Employee Legislation Workshops
  • Tax Workshops

Please contact us if you are in need of a comprehensive HR solutions service provider or if you would like to learn more about our extensive range of HR solutions in South Africa.