When selecting clock time software in South Africa, there are certain aspects to keep in mind in order to ensure that the software will actually improve your business instead of hindering it. A good purchasing decision will mean the difference between a software solution that will enhance company profits and a system that hinders progress.

Labour costs to a company are often times the highest cost of doing business. Your bottom line can be drastically influenced by not charging for billable hours or correctly accounting for employees’ time.

Here are some tips to selecting the right time clock software for your payroll department:

  • Scalability: You have to keep in mind the size of your business in relation to the clock time software. Has it been proven to work in the past with a company of your size?
  • Integration: Another aspect to look into is whether the prospective time clock software will be able to integrate with your existing payroll software. If so, has the integration been reliable in the past? What recourse will you have if you require support and assistance in ironing out any difficulties?
  • Accessibility: Also ascertain whether the software will be able to work on different hardware platforms such as PCs, Macs, iPhones and similar devices.
  • Warranties and continued training and support: What happens if something goes wrong? Is the software under warranty? Will the software company offer continued training and support for the software as required?

How CRS can help you?

CRS has developed time clock software in South Africa for small to large corporations. It will keep record of employees’ attendance times and offer a host of other benefits to the company.

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