Now that you’ve invested in payroll software, you need to make sure that all of your employees are properly trained on how the new system works. Remember, accounting and payroll processes often get done out of habit, and old habits are tough to break.

You’ve got to make sure to properly train your employees, while monitoring them to make sure that they’ve changed their ways. While an easier to use piece of payroll software will make this transition a smooth one, proper training is going to help the process overall. Here are a few tips to train your staff to use payroll software:

When you partner with CRS for payroll software, make sure you enrol for the Employee Relations training Module.

This 1-day course essentially teaches you everything you need to know on properly educating your employees on how to use your new payroll system. You need to make sure you take this course, as reading manuals and brochures could leave large holes in the training that you give your employees.

Train people in groups

Next, when training your staff to use payroll software, you want to make sure to handle the process in small groups. Try to gather teams of 5 to 10 people and teach them how to use the system in a smaller room. This keeps attention on you and makes your trainings easier to understand to them.

Payroll training doesn’t need to be difficult, and it all starts with the hosts of your software and how they go about interacting with you to begin the training process.

Having loopholes and questions yourself will lead to obvious problems with your employee’s usage of the system as well. Being fully training and properly educating your employees will make the software easy to use, which is the idea of it in the first place.

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