Irrespective of the industry or sector a business operates in, there is no getting away from compliance with employment legislation. It is a juggling act for decision makers, having to apply the right resources at the right time to ensure that all bases are covered and all boxes ticked.

Compliance becomes even more pressing when businesses decide to expand, particularly to emerging markets like Africa.

From a South African point of view, authorities have tightened the rope on penalties for those who default on compliance. The reality is that non-compliance can literally break a business.

One example is employment equity. Non-compliance will incur a 10% penalty of annual turn-over.

There are so many factors that influence the situation and there are many considerations.

In addition to the rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee, there are a host of legalities and documentation involved in ensuring everyone can work legally.

Other challenges that impact on employment legislation compliance include misperception of the law, misunderstanding or lack of knowledge about developments and their implications.

CRS Technologies is the vanguard of HR and HCM technology solutions, integration and application. We are aware of what compliance with employment legislation entails, and we understand why issues like the Employment Equity Amendment Act makes such a difference.

Businesses will be audited to ensure compliance and this is where external experts make all the difference.

Internal audits or audits by external service providers, like CRS, will assist in ensuring that the company complies and is ready for any surprises.