It started with the determination to support payroll administration and the South African Payroll Association’s National 2015 Conference, hosted in August at Emperors Palace, Gauteng, and evolved to be a novel way to demonstrate our leadership in HR and HCM, and commitment to professional industry standards.

CRS Technologies was one of the sponsors at the SAPA 2015 Conference, under the theme Waves of Change, Oceans of Possibilities!

One of the main features of this awesome event has been Awards, the recognition of those who truly demonstrate professionalism and adherence to standards in payroll, a critical facet of business operation.

We have had a close-up inspection of how the payroll industry has evolved! What an incredible journey, filled with ups and downs, and lots of technology!

CRS Technologies sponsored the first tea, and we came up with an exciting way to remind delegates about the value of CRS… under the tag line Cuppa CRS – perfectly brewed for real people, we ran a competition and invited delegates to check under their cup to win a prize!

This has been one of SAPA’s most successful conference events to date and from the feedback received so far, it is clear that delegates gained a great deal of value from attendance.