Many companies are becoming more aware of the benefits of outsourcing their payroll to payroll outsourcing companies. Payroll processing is where payroll outsourcing companies assume responsibility for all aspects of your company’s payroll duties.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your company’s payroll processing that make it an appealing prospect to consider. However it is also important to entrust this responsibility to a trustworthy and capable company.

Payroll processing services

Some of the services you can expect from payroll outsourcing companies offering payroll processing services extend to the following:

  • Tax management: Many payroll outsourcing companies will handle the payment of the company’s employees, and their taxes. This is an important aspect of the service you receive from payroll outsourcing, as taxes can easily become tricky should your company have employees working under different payments methods, such as hourly, salary or contractor employees.
  • Reporting on costs: If aspects such as tracking your ROI (Return on Investment) are important to you, outsourcing companies are able to track all employee costs such as benefits, wages and commissions and will report on total business expenses for the company.
  • Direct deposit to employees: This has quickly become one of the most popular benefits of outsourcing one’s payroll services. The depositing of employee salaries into their bank accounts is a service commonly requested by employees in small, medium to large companies.

How CRS can help you

CRS has a well-established payroll outsourcing division which takes care of all aspects of their clients’ payroll requirements. Beyond this CRS have also developed a suite of user friendly HR software applications which help companies stay on top of their most important department. There are many benefits of outsourcing your payroll with CRS.

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