What payroll and HR solutions offer the healthcare industry

CRS Technologies offers payroll solutions and HR solutions that help your company operate more efficiently. The healthcare industry, whether it’s a doctor’s office, a hospital, a pharmacy, a walk-in clinic, or another healthcare-related practise, both payroll and HR are crucial elements that need to operate smoothly on a daily basis.

How our payroll solutions benefit the healthcare industry

Our mission is to take the stress out of payroll administration. This allows you to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs without interrupting your daily workflow. In a busy medical practice no one wants to waste time with tedious payroll slips when there are patients to attend to, which is where we come in. We offer payroll outsourcing services including the processing of electronic payslips, package structuring, updates from SARS and much more.

How our HR solutions benefit the healthcare industry

If you’ve struggled to establish a fully functioning HR department, CRS Technologies is here to help. The HR department is a critical one, yet HR tasks can be time consuming and must be done correctly to be effective. We offer an array of HR solutions including job evaluation, employee satisfaction surveys, applicant screening, interviewing and more.

When you’re running a busy doctor’s practise, you often don’t have time to devote to important HR-related tasks. Simply give us a call and learn how our team of professionals can help.

For more information about the payroll and HR solutions available from CRS Technologies, if you’re interested in knowing about the various other services we provide, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is standing by and ready to assist. We look forward to hearing from you.