Who HR and recruitment companies are looking for and which industries are in demand

For the foreseeable future, skilled employees in South Africa are going to be in massive demand, according to HR and recruitment companies – but what exactly are these skills? And which sectors are seeking them?

As a supplier of HR software and outsourcing solutions, CRS is in a unique position to examine the needs of diverse industries and solve many of the challenges that companies face. As a result, it has been noticed that candidates for the professional services industry, which includes HR professionals, are particularly in demand – even before they have significant work experience. This is confirmed by the South African Graduate Recruiters Association’s 2012 survey that revealed “one of the largest recruiters of graduates – the accountancy and professional services industry – is set for an 18 per cent increase in graduate positions”.

Because all modern companies – from massive, multi-national mining organisations to small businesses – require efficient HR functions, it’s no surprise that the demand for skilled individuals is increasing. As a cost-effective alternative to the expensive hiring process, CRS offers unique solutions for employers looking to overcome the skills shortage while maintaining the highest standards in their HR department. We supply a comprehensively integrated high performance HR software offering that increases efficiency, streamlines work processes and increases self-sufficiency in employees.

In order to implement this software effectively, we also offer effective HR software training, ensuring that your company is able invest in the employees you have, rather than compete with other companies for new staff. Not only does this save you money on the recruitment process, but it also brings your HR team together, increases their skillset and ensures that members of the team have a thorough understanding of every process.

So, when it comes down to HR and recruitment, there’s no reason to exhaust your resources competing for qualified personnel – contact us at CRS and get the full package today.