More and more companies are employing human resource consultancy services in South Africa. This is due to the magnitude of benefits offered to companies. They do not have to invest in expensive human resource software or train their staff to handle complicated payrolls anymore.

There are of course other benefits that draw an increasing number of businesses to engage the services of human resource consultancy firms, such as the following:

  • Reduced costs: Large companies may be able to afford large human resource departments, but for smaller businesses an in-house payroll service might not be such a practical idea. Should your company have less than 20 employees then chances are you will save money by outsourcing the payroll operations to a human resource consultancy firm.
  • Accuracy: No need to worry about being stuck with unforeseen large UIF payments or other costly mistakes – human resource consultancy firms are experienced in all the demands of payroll management and are paid not to make any mistakes and to guarantee accuracy.
  • Speed: Due to the fact that human resource consultancy companies have access to the latest software and also have large human resources at their disposal, they are able to quickly deal with even the most complicated of payrolls.
  • Insight: With many reports that can be generated at the click of a button, you will have forecasts and planning figures at the tip of your fingers. These insights into your business will help you make the correct decisions where hiring or expanding is concerned.

How CRS can help you?

CRS offers professional human resource consultancy services in South Africa. They also have integrated payroll software solutions available to large and small companies.

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