Anyone keeping a close eye on global recruitment trends would have noticed the announcement by Mozambique of new expatriate immigration hiring regulations.

This means that Mozambique has imposed new immigration regulations governing the employment of foreign employees as a measure to reduce local unemployment.

We have a vested interest in keeping ahead of developments that shape HR in business and there are several aspects of the new regulations that need to be kept in mind by Mozambican employers: –

  • Private Employment Agencies can only hire expatriates to work at their own premises and will not be allowed to sponsor work permits on behalf of clients or third parties.
  • Short term work permits where employees with specialized skills are required, will only be valid for 90 days to start, with the possibility of two 30-day renewals.
  • Work permits under Quota category will only be granted once the expatriate’s academic records have been submitted and a certificate of equivalence has been obtained.
  • Employers should avoid using employment agencies to sponsor the work permits and prepare themselves for longer processing time frames when obtaining work permits and ensure that expatriates are working on the correct permits.

Furthermore, labour supply companies are no longer allowed to employ foreign employees to be seconded to third parties and will have 12 months to comply to these regulations; Companies must now terminate employment agreements with expatriates when Mozambican workers are dismissed in order to reduce the expatriate quota.

It is very important to note that the new regulations do not apply to oil and gas, and mining sectors.

Clearly, more countries are beginning to protect local resources and unemployment is becoming more serious.

We will keep everyone informed of developments going forward.

As always our legislation team is available ( if you require any additional information.