If you’re a small business owner, you may have often found yourself running into consistent problems regarding your payroll. Whether it’s an incorrect pay slip or mess-ups with your taxes, running into an issue with an employee’s pay check is no unusual occurrence by any means.

To make matters worse, it seems like no matter how hard you try to keep your payroll in order on your own, you somehow manage to run into problems.You could be the most organised business owner in the world and still manage to have issues.
Investing in payroll software isn’t just a good idea, it’s a time saver. To figure out why that’s so, you need to understand why small businesses struggle with payroll in the first place.


Your taxes are complex set of rules set forth by governing bodies. These rules are often complicated and drawn out, which doesn’t make things easier. Sure, you could hire an accountant to handle this issue for you, but that’s another person that you need to add to your already failing payroll, when software would solve the problem in the first place.

Incorrect Timesheets

When your employees clock in and clock out, you can’t be responsible for making sure that they’ve done it right. This only leads to errors in your payment processing, and inevitably, errors within your payroll. Payroll software allows you to catch errors before they happen and stops you in your tracks if you’re about to write out an incorrect check for an employee.

Lack of Time

Unfortunately, payroll must be looked over with a fine tooth comb. For both the protection of your business’ bottom line, as well as the satisfaction of your employees, double and triple checking your work when you do your payroll manually is all too common, and it can cost you valuable time that could be used for running your business.

With payroll software, a simple glance at your reports will help you keep an eye on your payouts on each pay day, and you’ll have a little more peace of mind in knowing that the machine was able to properly handle your employee payroll in a fraction of the time that you take, without the need to triple check.

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