Insightful BlogsMarch 8, 2019

Update your payroll calendars

Election Day is scheduled for 8 May 2019, please don’t forget to update your payroll calendars with 8 May being a public holiday.

Election Day is scheduled for 8 May 2019, don’t forget to update your payroll calendars.

2019 is predicted to be a monumental year for South African businesses, challenged by the need to grow the economy and called upon to contribute meaningfully towards job creation – especially the youth.

2019 has an added dimension of importance for local business owners. They need to be aware that 8 May 2019 has been scheduled and officially recognised as the day the country goes to the polls.

This was declared and published in the Government Gazette 42250, Proclamation No. 8 of 2019, dated 26 February 2019.

What does this mean for employers? Well, those employers making use of leave calendars on their Payroll systems should update the calendar by adding 8 May 2019 as a public holiday.

Otherwise they may end up being taken by surprise and that will not be good for business!

As always we are here to help… contact our legislation team at if you require any additional information.

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