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Become the employer your staff love

How to become the employer your staff love

Making employees happy might seem like an oversimplified way to deal with the complex issues modern organisations face, but as Ian McAlister, General Manager of CRS Technologies South Africa, points out, it is fundamental to the success of a business. This is where human resources (HR) and payroll come in.

“In a way, HR and payroll become enablers to transforming a business into the caring employer its employees love. Fundamentally, happy employees are not only more loyal to the organisation, but they are more committed to ensuring customers are happy as well. And in a competitive landscape, this can mean the difference between success and failure.”

So, how does HR and payroll figure into this transformation mix?

Simply put, the former deals with the people processes in a business, while the latter is focused on the payment of salaries. In the past, many people only cared about doing their job and getting paid for it. Over the years, this rands and cents approach has shifted significantly to one that is more integrated and life-focused.

“Yes, people do their jobs because they get paid to do so, but it is about so much more than that,” says McAlister.

Empowering people with skills and tools they never had access to before

“The democratisation of technology is empowering people with skills and tools they never had access to before. This is creating an increasingly sophisticated workforce where people bring unique skills to an organisation beyond the scope of what their jobs might require. HR and payroll can unlock this hidden value by being more human-centric and determining where best these skills can be applied.”

At face value, an employer that shows its employees it is more focused on delivering a 360-degree environment where people receive recognition for all the skills they bring to the company, is one where such wellness and other initiatives gain significant success.

“Part of this sees HR and payroll needing to move from the traditionally held perception that it is just there to tick boxes and pay salaries. Instead, today’s HR services encompass a broader list of requirements than in the past. While remuneration is part of this, so too are employee rewards, wellness initiatives, business process re-engineering, skills development, and data analysis.”

Constant pressure to perform

Unfortunately, the evolution of technology has changed the nature of business. There is constant pressure to perform on a local and global level, especially given the competitive nature of the digital environment.

“Decision-makers need to find trusted partners they can rely on to take care of their HR and payroll functions so that they can remain focused on their strategic objectives. This is as much about enhancing existing operations as it is about delivering new platforms for employee engagement. And once this changes, happy employees will result in much happier work environments,” McAlister concludes.

To find out more how HR and payroll can transform your business to become the employer your staff love, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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