News FlashesJuly 23, 2019

News Flash July 2019 – Egypt Social Security Contributions

Monthly fixed cap for social security contributions increased

Two significant changes regarding the mandatory monthly contributions due from employees and employers have been introduced by the Egyptian government.

Only Egyptian nationals are required to make contributions, unless a reciprocal social security agreement with another country applies. Both the employer and employee must contribute to the scheme and remit monthly contributions to the Social Insurance Organisation.

Contributions to social security are made up of two components:

  • Fixed contributions for salaries under a certain earnings threshold
    Effective 1 July 2019, the cap for the monthly fixed basic salary contribution rate is raised to EGP 1,670 (from EGP 1,510). Employee and employer contributions at the fixed basic rate are 14% and 26%, respectively.
  • Variable contributions for salaries above that threshold
    In January 2019 the monthly cap for variable social security contributions were raised by 20% to EGP 4,040. Both employees and employers contribute to variable social security at a rate of 11% and 24%, respectively.

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