CRS delivers the A-Z of HR as easy as 1-2-3

The A-Z of HR as easy as 1-2-3

Businesses are turning to outsourced service providers to help them manage human capital management (HCM) compliance and unlock the value of their people investment. CRS Technologies’ A-Z of HR services helps to simplify this process.

The HR function in business is becoming increasingly complex. Legislative and regulatory requirements are only some of the facets falling within the broader HCM function. There is also the need to understand various technology systems, changes in labour law, on-site and off-site administration, as well as recruitment.

Even though some might view HR departments as only focused on managing leave and other administrative matters, it is more complex than that.

Effective employee recruitment and hiring

The HR department may not generate revenue, but it is critical to operations through its contribution to expenditure savings, which encompasses effective employee recruitment and hiring, learning and development, and performance management.

Obviously, not all businesses possess all the skill sets necessary to address every HR requirement or do so consistently. This is where experienced service providers are essential. CRS’s full spectrum of HR services, which includes legislative compliance, is geared to lowering the risk associated with human capital and maximising return on investment.

Its A-Z of HR services is an alphabetic listing of every service available through the company.

CRS takes a holistic approach to HR, empowering managers with cost-effective solutions and services that enhance the efficiency of this environment, making it an asset that continuously adds value to the entire organisation.

The A-Z a novel way of communicating exactly what we do for the market

The A-Z encompasses everything from audits of contracts and policies to zero tolerance policies and procedures. It also includes Employment Equity Act compliance, industrial relations specialisations, labour legislation advice, qualification verification, recruitment services and retrenchments, among others.

Not only is this A-Z a novel way of communicating exactly what we do for the market, it is also a practical guide for anyone looking for a specific service.

And because it is an outsourced offering, clients can supplement, complement, or even replace their HR administrative processes, thus optimising the balance between internal control and delegation while reducing expenditure.

By leveraging the services of our HR experts, companies can enhance, clarify and enforce policies and procedures to improve employee job satisfaction and performance.

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