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CRS News Flash 17 March 2020 – KENYA – Industrial Training Levy



It is important that employers note the following:

Changes to Kenya Industrial Training Levy

The Industrial Training (Training Levy) (Amendment) Order, 2020 was gazetted on 21 February 2020, introducing changes to the Industrial Training (Training Levy) Order.

The amendments are effective from 23 December 2019.

As the order was only recently published, contributions from March 2020 will be paid at the end of the calendar year.

The order was amended to:

  • Exempt an employer who has fewer than 100 employees from paying the training levy for the first twelve months from the date the business is registered;
  • Convert the payment of the training levy from KES 50 per employee per month to KES 600 per employee per year or pro-rated as per the employee’s term of service;
  • Require an employer to file an annual return (Form 2) when paying the training levy, which is payable at the end of each calendar year.

A person who was an employer at the date of the order’s commencement is required to register with the Director-General of National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) within 30 days from the commencement date.

A person who becomes a new employer after the order has been made effective is required to register with the Director General within 30 days.


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