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Simplifying cross border skills deployment


In a global skills crisis, access to talent has become critical to organisational growth and success

Organisations are facing a talent crisis. The 2019/20 Hays Global Skills Index found that the skills crisis is deepening due to a widening gap between the skills that talent have and the skills that organisations actually need. The situation is further complicated by country regulations and requirements that influence employment across borders. According to Nicol Myburgh Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit, companies need a solution that allows them access to global talent pools without having to invest into the infrastructure and complexities that limit them in paying and managing this talent.

“As a payroll and HR solutions provider, CRS Technologies has been working closely with global organisations and we have seen a growth in their need to reach skilled local and international talent,” he adds. “Many of these organisations, however, don’t have a locally registered entity or the requisite infrastructure to hire this talent. They hit a wall.”

The solution was for CRS to develop CROS Outsource Employment Services, a platform that makes global skills deployment simple and compliant with legislation and regulation. For organisations that require skills in countries where they have no legal entity and want limited-risk employment legislation, the platform allows for legal and efficient access to talent. As skills become scarcer and the world smaller, the solution provides companies with access to a growing network of allied service providers that can provide full spectrum human capital management to any location, anywhere in the world.

CROS Outsource Employment services

“We employ professionals in fields such as business development and engineering – specialists that are at the top end of the market and who provide unique and difficult-to-find skills to the market,” explains Myburgh. “We then facilitate their employment with relevant organisations – managing all the legal liabilities and complexities that come with employment for both the organisation and the professional. This allows companies to tap into a vast network of incredibly rare and unique talent without having to first invest in infrastructure.”

In addition to allowing the organisation access to the intelligent and brilliant, the solution enables organisations undergoing staff cuts to continue employing valuable team members. Often companies are forced to reduce their numbers as part of a global move to cut down on overheads and run the risk of losing people they need. CROS Outsource Employment services completely bypasses the problem.

“We employ the people that companies are forced to remove and then outsource them back to those companies,” concludes Myburgh. “It’s a quick and effective solution that helps manage headcounts while also ensuring that organisations remain legal and compliant. It’s a global platform with extensive reach, providing talent and skills to organisations that want the right mix of people without the complexity.”

CROS Outsource Employment Services ensures that organisations save on local infrastructure and company tax, don’t need to invest in local company registration and red tape, and hold on to valuable and skilled staff during head count cuts. It’s a neat and intelligent answer to the questions that currently face organisations in search of high-end professionals in a market that’s experiencing significant skill shortages and increasing regulatory controls.

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