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Online HR: Manage your business, your way

Leverage the experience of trained HR and legal experts to manage workplace regulations and legalities without the hassle

Is your organisation and workforce COVID-19 ready? Does your human resources team know the ins and outs of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA)? Have you developed a consistent retrenchment package that adheres to recent regulatory changes? For most companies, these questions raise plenty of challenges – they’re too busy trying to find their feet and manage their business in a complicated pandemic-driven world. According to Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit, companies that run afoul of these regulations can face hefty costs and lengthy legal procedures.

“Ensuring that your company is legally compliant through every step of the retrenchment process is time-consuming and tricky,” he says. “The rules are complex and if one step is missed, the company can find itself facing the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration), which is the last thing anyone wants. The same goes for ensuring that personal information adheres to the strict regulations of POPIA – decision-makers can face imprisonment and a fine of up to R10 million if they don’t understand the letter of the law.”

The problem with processes such as retrenchment, POPIA, and COVID-19 workplace readiness planning, is that they are complicated, time-consuming and difficult to get a handle on. Unless the organisation has dedicated professionals focusing on these legal requirements, organisations often have to spend time hunting for information and making educated guesses. This is especially true in South Africa where information on this type of process is made particularly difficult to find.

We’ve included all the policies and procedures that organisation needs

“To solve these problems, CRS Technologies has developed a series of step-by-step guides designed to help companies tackle these processes internally without the hassle,” explains Myburgh. “We include templates, policies, procedures and information companies need to manage these processes on their own.”

The CRS Technologies POPI Training Manual, for example, includes everything the organisation needs to assist and inform employees of the purpose, regulations, legislative requirements and risks concerning POPI in the workplace. The COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Kit includes the essential items the business needs to reassure employees of a safe return to work while complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Department of Labour and Employment regulations. The Company Retrenchment Kit is a comprehensive set of retrenchment information and procedures designed in accordance with the Labour Relations Act. Finally, organisations can download the CRS Standard Employee Handbook which includes all the policies your company needs to define practices in the workplace. The handbook clarifies the standards expected of employees and helps companies to manage their staff more effectively.

“We’ve included all the policies and procedures that the organisation needs to tick these important boxes, perfectly,” concludes Myburgh. “Designed to take the ‘aaargh’ out of admin, they streamline essential legislative and regulatory procedures to a point where adherence is as simple as ticking a box.”

The CRS Online Store has been running for several weeks and has already seen significant traction from organisations struggling to stay ahead of their responsibilities. The company is already planning its next set of step-by-step solutions that include: skills development, employee performance, employee equity and disciplinary hearings.

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