Topical Press ReleasesOctober 22, 2020

New partnership between CRS and New Leaf Technologies

CRS Technologies, a leader in integrated and efficient HR and Payroll solutions and services in the South African market, welcomes New Leaf Technologies to its partner ecosystem, further cementing its reputation as a holistic service provider in the market. New Leaf Technologies provides learning software and services to companies and education institutions across Africa and the Middle East, bringing both a sterling reputation and solid portfolio to the CRS ecosystem.

“CRS Technologies recognises the need for modern training processes in HR management solutions which is why we have partnered with the leading learner management system (LMS) provider – New Leaf Technologies,” says Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS. “The addition of the company to our ecosystem allows for us to provide streamlined online training without manual processing.”

CRS has integrated the New Leaf Technologies LMS, aNewSpring, into its existing HR solution, Participate, to allow for the creation of inspirational learning journeys and to further enhance the overall capabilities of the platform. aNewSpring can be deployed as a standalone product or integrated into an existing HR system which makes it simple, effective and scalable.

Gives clients the flexibility to offer virtual or online training on demand

“The need for agility in HR has certainly been brought home this year and the partnership between CRS and New Leaf really expands on this.  It gives clients the flexibility to offer virtual or online training on demand, anytime, anywhere on any device. The platform has a robust authoring tool to ensure content can be developed and delivered rapidly. Detailed analytics can identify knowledge gaps and training wastage, which will really make an impact on the bottom line. We are delighted to be working with CRS to deliver a very powerful solution to the HR industry,” says Paul Hanly, Co-Founder and Director of New Leaf Technologies.

Management of the training takes place within the HR information system (HRIS) which removes the need for tedious manual processes and to centralise reporting. It further smooths the road for training and skills development in companies thanks to its customisable course content, extensive array of services, and easy-to-use platform. Combined with the reach and capabilities of CRS, the solution delivers the best of both worlds – inspirational learning journeys and real-time centralised reporting with enhanced return on investment.

“We understand the value of training and skills development in this current market, and how difficult it can be to manage this process while proving its value to the bottom line,” concludes McAlister. “That’s why this partnership with New Leaf Technologies works – it hands our customers the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world.”

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