Tandem Learning partner for leadership development training

CRS and Tandem Learning partners for leadership development training

CRS Technologies has entered into an agreement with Tandem Learning & Leadership Solutions to strengthen its corporate training value proposition using the expertise of the prominent player in the learning and development sector.

Leadership skills play a pivotal role in organisational success. Effective leaders inspire people to deliver excellence, but poor leadership leads to a disengaged workforce, high attrition, and low productivity. While many managers possess the necessary technical or functional expertise their position requires, few are equipped to tackle the interpersonal and business challenges they encounter in their leadership role,” says Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies.

McAlister says that this is where Tandem Learning brings invaluable support to its growing partner ecosystem.

Tandem Learning and Leadership Solutions focuses on the development of succession plan and existing manager skills development, as well as interpersonal and communications skills for organisational and personal success. The company is a certified provider of Inspired Leadership, a programme specifically geared to transforming managers into tomorrow’s inspired leaders through practical, reflective, and personalised blended learning journeys that reduce attrition and increase engagement,” he says.

Leadership development is one of the most important skills categories

The Inspired Leadership programme complements the CRS Envolve resource management and reporting tool that forms part of the CRS Engage software suite. In the digital economy and modern workplace, employee engagement is essential to boost productivity, reduce staff turnover, improve customer satisfaction, and enrich the company culture. Envolve offers risk-free talent administration and enables businesses to cultivate a rich, vibrant, and interactive environment to inspire staff.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership provides both organisations. Leadership development is one of the most important skills categories for the future workplace. Even though the relationship between the two organisations is still in the early days, both companies are committed to leverage from one another’s expertise and fill this critical gap in the market,” says Angela de Longchamps, director at Tandem Learning.

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