CRS partners with Silver Swan for employee wellness

CRS partners with Silver Swan for employee wellness

CRS Technologies has partnered with Silver Swan HR Consulting to provide corporate customers with access to an independent employee wellness service that will assist in maintaining the mental and emotional wellbeing of a distributed workforce and alleviate business stress and pressure.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many organisations adopt a blended model of working from home and at the office. While initially productive, remote employees have begun to display increasing levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression, given uncertainty about new waves of infection and the continued extension of lockdown conditions,” says Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies.

This can result in unhappiness which, in turn, means employees are unproductive. Any negativity will eventually permeate the entire organisation, placing the resilience of the business at risk.

Silver Swan employee wellness service

“The Silver Swan employee wellness service facilitates regular face-to-face or remote check-in sessions with employees to help them maintain their wellbeing. Employees are encouraged to confidentially discuss any matters affecting their mental or emotional health. Extremely serious matters are brought to management’s attention after the consultation sessions, pending the employee’s permission. Where necessary, professional therapy or counselling is recommended,” says Sean Bowes, founder of Silver Swan HR Consulting.

The partnership between the two organisations is designed to mitigate the potential risk of employee disengagement in these uncertain times. As Silver Swan is an external consultant, workers will be able to discuss confidential and personal matters more freely as they will not feel judged or victimised.

“Employees who feel heard, validated, and valued are more likely to be engaged with the company and will work hard to satisfy clients’ requirements and boost the company brand. This ultimately impacts positively on growth revenue and shapes overall strategy,” says McAlister.

CRS Technologies will be offering the employee wellness service as an add-on to its existing spectrum of outsourced human resources services.

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