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Why satisfied employees are worth the trouble

Happy and engaged – why satisfied employees are worth the trouble

As markets make their way out of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses balance interests within the hybrid work model, there is increased talk of the great resignation of workers – those who have reassessed their situation or who simply feel like taking on new challenges, because they feel unfulfilled and frustrated.

Employers need to use whatever is at their disposal to change the minds of disgruntled employees and make them happy, focused and engaged members of the human resources team.

The first thing to do is to try to ascertain, as accurately as possible, what the basic problem is or problems are – just remember CRS Technologies has a team of highly experienced experts and specialists in human resources and payroll management.

There could be several reasons for this dissatisfaction. As online Talent Management & HR ( explains, poor work relationships with colleagues and – especially management – is one of the more common reasons cited.

But factors like lack of recognition and security, as well as a lack of clear career development opportunities follow closely, as does lack of flexibility with benefits/commute, and a feeling of inadequate remuneration.

One of the side-effects of COVID-19 on business and labour is the realisation of having to deal with ‘the new normal’ and specifically the realisation of the importance of work-life balance.  The notion that it is possible to balance personal and professional responsibilities using technology has garnered more attention.

This is also why CRS Technologies has made available the Envolve toolset to the market. This is an elegant resource management and data-to-dashboard reporting tool that empowers both employers and employees using the latest in human resources data capture, secure storage, access and application.

So what now, you may ask?

Well, ultimately a business is about people and if your people (human resources) are happy and motivated, it will build business and add value.

A motivated employee will achieve more and this will reflect on the business. In fact, in a piece published on, according to Gallup businesses with so-called “engaged” employees, outperform those without by as much as 202%.

So research shows that there is a link between a happy employee and productivity. But, the reality – in practice and from a human resources management point of view – is that a happy work environment inspires creativity, control, a better sense of judgement, an increased ability to maintain perspective and deal with crises. Essentially they become a better, more valuable asset to the business.

Moreover, as human resources and human capital management advisory businesses stress – happy employees stay. Given the complex and unusual circumstances most businesses find themselves in today, this is a major consideration.

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