InfoBytesJuly 20, 2022

Ensure compliance with gender classification regulation

One of the stand-out features of South Africa’s labour legislation is its focus on equality in the workplace.  The law seeks to ensure that all trade and industry is fully compliant with regulations governing equality, and this includes gender.  But compliance is often a challenge because it is not a core competence or focus for most businesses – which is why CRS Technologies has developed the whitepaper: Gender classification in the workplace: How companies must adapt to changing times.

This document covers every aspect of regulatory compliance so that your organisation does not inadvertently discriminate against any employee.

In dealing with labour law and enforcement, mistakes can happen, so it’s better to consult a comprehensive resource that is reliable, up-to-date and easy to follow, and which will stand you in good stead.

This whitepaper will show what South African organisations must be aware of when it comes to transgender issues in the workplace, and how to navigate the minefield of legislation to avoid inadvertently discriminating against employees.

Download the whitepaper here

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